What does Sales Logistics staff need to do?

Speaking about the concept of Logistics What is Logistics? There are many websites and forums talking about this. However, to find an article on a complete process that Sales Logistics employees need to do is very difficult, so today I wrote this article to share my experience after a period of operation as well. Look at Sales Logistics at a small logistics company for further reference

1. Determine the competitive advantage.

Take a look and see what your company is strong about. As most companies will focus on either dry or cold cargo, and more competitive routes may be Asia, Europe, America, For small logistics companies often choose Asia, because it is simple, easy to do, affordable, crowded, while Europe, America and Australia have high prices. Big and stable; In addition to frequent changes in prices, many additional costs, the import of goods is harsh, so care should be taken when traveling these routes.

This step is quite simple, you can refer to the former employees of the company for easier identification. When determining the strengths of your company's competition, you will outline what potential customers are for more efficient sales.
2. Identify target customers.

The object of Sales Logistics staff is the employees have the right to decide the booking of ships, import export services, most of which are import-export staff, however, in some small companies, business owners will. Cum always this task. Sales Logistics is divided into 3 divisions:

Sales FCL (Full Container Load) - Sales raw cont: Most of the major import-export companies, such as rice export companies, wood, garment, seafood ...
Sales LCL (Less than Container Load) - Retail Sales: Small import-export companies under one member, individuals with inbound and outbound goods and FCL forwaders
Sales Overseas: This is a form of large scale companies that want to expand even further. They look for foreign Forwader companies to do cargo handling partners for them

3. Search for customers.
Option 1: Search by leads

As I mentioned above, after pointing out the strengths and potential customers of your company, you need to turn around and tap into your customer base, the customers that you are confident that your company's Logistics services You are ready to meet their needs.
Option 2: Search by item, season, ...

Apply if your company is not strong on any route, or you are a big company in many aspects

This is the way that major shipping lines (Liners) and large forwarders apply. Large forwarders due to their good relationship, and the dreadful price offer, are price incentives, leading to seasonal customers, without the need to delineate a single customer category.

But the reality is that large forwarder companies already have a steady supply of customers from the industrial parks, large companies and their Sales Logistics staff who are quite busy with their followers and keep track of them. Consumers are familiar, so the small customers, new entrants are easy to be missed. Therefore, if you are a small and new Sales Logistics company, you can still succeed just by a little quickness and hard work applying the internet or some good relationship to find the source of your customers.

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4. Define customer information.

Sales Logistics, also known as Sales Forwarder in Vietnam, is slightly different, because of the habit of using CIF, FOB sales of domestic importers and exporters, depending on the type of information we need to identify different information. .

Once you have reached the target audience, talk smartly and get information from them, as much information as possible, do not ask as rigidly as interviewing them, talk like friends, Their real co-workers. Prepare a notebook to record what you are saying and record information received from customers.
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Some information to exploit in this case:

Types, nature of goods: What goods? Dry or cold?
Volume: If the container is containerized? Normally exported (imported); If the bulk cargoes need CBM, size, cargo or cargo?
Export - Import Ports: POL, POD
Shipping time requirements: ETD
Requirements for agent handle cargo at port of export.
For EXW shipments, the exact address of the shipper must be known to the foreign agent and FOB charges or shipping charges (in the case of using the agent's price).
Customers need price or quality service.
Some special requirements on paperwork and paperwork


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